Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Painting Update - Orks

With my Orks, the painting has focused on walkers since I had some initial ideas around fielding 12-15 walkers (specially Deff Dreads and Killarney-Kanz) which wound up not happening.

I started with two metal Deff Dreads that I got from Owen.  One, I did up for straight melee, the second was magnetized for the shooty weapon options.

Next up, I got a plastic Deff Dread from Larenia.  Nice kit all round.  This one, I decided to drybrush up from black.  I bit different from my standard paint scheme which comes up from Reaper Rust Brown (which I’ve run out of).  I’m pleased with the results.


The final walker was my Gorkanaut.  This had a great amount of shooting and melee output and it fit exactly into the points gap in my Stompa list.  I used a variation on Kenny Boucher’s 5 Easy Tricks for Weathering Metallic Surfaces and basically went to town.  I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

The final models I worked on were a trio of Warbikers which I'd also gotten from Owen.  Pretty standard Ork stuff on these save that I decided to play round with some reds.

Painting Update - Imperial Fists

I did manage to finish up some character models for my Imperial Fists late last year and early this year.

First off was the Primaris Ancient from the started box.  Eddie had a spare and I wanted to paint one, so it worked out.

Next up were my two Librarians in Power Armour.  I had originally intended to magnetize both the left arms and backpacks.  Unfortunately, I’d forgotten just how squished the model with the Force Sword was.  In the end, that model got a permanent backpack and the model with the Force Axe gets to be more multifunctional.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Comic Readers Escalation League - Season 7

Mid-January opened this year's Escalation League at Comic Readers in Regina.  I went back and forth on armies and eventually told Larenia that if she played Orks, I'd play Orks and that was that.  Since it had been a long time since I played with big Mobz of Boyz, so, that's what I did.

Month 1 saw me field some Boyz Mobz with a Warboss, Nob with a Waaagh Banner and a Painboy.  Basically a list to chew things up with dice.  It would also be the core of my list for the second month.  It performed well and I closed out the month undefeated.

For Month 2, I added Snikrot, a unit of Kommandos, two units of 10 Stormboyz and an extra Painboy.  I more or less wanted to try out the Kommandos and Stormboyz in this edition and the extra Painboy was there due to the difficulty of keeping things within the models 3” aura.  I started the month with a tie game against Mark.  Doesn’t sound that great but he’s a much better player than I am and really knows the ins and outs of the edition.  In the end, that game came down to the roll for random game length, if it had gone another turn, he would have had the win.

After Month 2, I was flat out tired of moving Boyz across the table, so I took a Dread Mob.  It was lead by a Big Mek with a Kustom Force Field riding in the Stompa I borrowed from Larenia and backed up by a Gorkanaut and four melee Deff Dreads.  I went 1-1 with the list.  Basically Adam took options to deal with vehicles and Eddie didn’t have enough of those options in his list.

At the end of the day, I still think Orks are descent out of the Index.  There’s apparently a Codex on the way so that point is probably moot.  Turns out to at big blocks of Boyz which can advance and charge, re-roll failed charge moves and then hit on 2’s in melee do work.  Having multiple versions of the same aura will make positioning easier and players who really get disengaging from close combat will punish a Green Tide list.  One thing’s for sure, Warbosses and Waaagh Banners are clutch for infantry lists.

The Dread Mob is a different animal in that it’s much more reliant on shooting in the early game.  As with any low model count armies, you have to start the unit trade early and keep it in your favour.  That’s tough for Orks because the shooting needs to be effective and for Ork shooting to be effective, you need a lot of it.  The Stompa and Gorkanaut both have enough shooting to start chipping away at an opponent, but Deff Dreads really don’t even if you gun them up.  Killa-Kanz offer better accuracy, but they’re a bit pricey per model if you’re just using them as a weapon platform and their low leadership makes me concerned about taking them in squadrons.  For all of those reasons, a Mek list is probably the best way to go.  In my case, I was looking to move fewer models and the list did that.

The final note is on the Painboy.  It works as advertised, though I find I dislike the complication when dealing with multiple damage hits.  The 3” aura range often lead to insane daisy chaining, so I think I’d recommend having a particular Painboy only babysit a unit or two as opposed to a whole army.  It’s a reasonable way to add some resilience to big infantry blocks.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Redemptor Dreadnought Completed

Yep, it's a big one.  This is one of the models that I initially disliked when I saw it.  It grew on me as I saw more paint jobs and I realized that it could fill some holes in my Imperial Fists army.  So, I picked one up with the intention of doing a paint job similar to my Vindicator.

I wanted the base chassis to be yellow with the additional armour plates being black for contrast.  It worked reasonably well on my Vindicator, so I was primed to try it here.

Unfortunately, it didn't work as well on the Redemptor.  With the Vindicator, the lines of demarcation were quite clear, a good portion of it is more hidden on the Redemptor.  The reason makes sense when you look at the fluff too.  Basically a standard sarcophagus plugs into whatever chassis is needed at the time.  By that measure, literally the only yellow 'should' have been the sarcophagus.  At any rate, I weathered it up and it's fine for table top, but I think I may try another in the future with more of a standard yellow Imperial Fists paint scheme.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tyranid Malenthrope

I wanted to take a break from Space Marines and work on a Tyranid Malenthrope for Adam.  I took the overall scheme for his Hivefleet and tried to work some gradients into the carapace.  It sort of came out, but I’m going to need to practice to get the contrast right.

The spore sacks and digestion pods, I wanted gribbley.  I started with Vallejo beige, then washed with Secret Weapon Sewer Water.  I hit the raised areas with Citadel Nurgle’s Rot.  That got things nice and goobery.

Finally, I picked out the exoskeleton in Reaper Stone Grey.  It was based with Reper Shadowed Stone.  I think it’s provided enough contrast given that it’s a largely shadowed surface.

On to the next project 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Imperial Fists Predator Destructor

I finished up my latest Predator.  It’s another of the older models, so it spent some time in Simple Green before painting.  Like most models models of that time, it has been well loved and the fitting issues between the tracks and the hull are what they are.  

I started with a beige base and worked up with a yellow filter, then picked out the blacks and metals.  After that, the recessed areas got some Secret Weapon Armour Wash and the metals Nhuln Oil.

The weathering was sponged on; Typhus Corrosion, Ryaza Rust, Nhilan Oxide and Army Painter Gun Metal.  I was concerned I’d overdone it, but it seems alright.  Next up, I'm planning to change gears and do up a Malenthrope for Adam.

Monday, October 9, 2017

8th Edition So Far


Well, I can safely say that the three plus months since posting isn't intentional.  Summers in Regina are pretty crazily busy and this one has been no exception.

That being said, I have managed to get some things painted up.  Once the Warhound was finished in May, I moved into the Shadow War terrain (plus an extra Ferratronic Incinerator) which turned out to be a daunting project.  I'm more or less finished at this point save for the weathering (which means I'm finished for now).  Basically, I need to paint something else, so there are more Imperial Fists Breachers on the horizon.

The other thing that happened was 8th Edition Warhammer 40000 dropping.  I'm not going to belabour it being a change, it's a mostly new game.  It's more abstract, lighter on rules and faster to play than 7th was.  Our games so far have been on the long side but most of that is due to rules artifacts from the previous editions.

Thus far, I’ve actually brought all four of my armies to the table.  I can say that while there have been some changes, the various armies seem to play as they should thematically.  Orks are a surprisingly fast moving tide of green soccer hooligans.  Space Marines are a scalpel that you can kit out for specific tasks.  Grey Knights arrive from teleport and basically hammer opponents with networked psionics.  Sisters of Battle remain well equipped (with limited selection) and able to use their faith in unpredictable ways.

So, those are the armies so far.  My current plan is to start working more with my Imperial Fists with the intention of playing them in the Escalation League at Comic Readers next year.

Painting Update - Orks

With my Orks, the painting has focused on walkers since I had some initial ideas around fielding 12-15 walkers (specially Deff Dreads and Ki...