Thursday, July 14, 2016

Escalation League - Season 5 - Tournament

I made it into the tourney again this year, which was nice.  I made some minor tweaks to my 1500 point list to include a unit of 3 Deff Koptas.  I wound up dropping the Loota/Mekboy unit that was riding in the Stompa.  Turns out, they may have been useful one game, but not as useful as the Deff Koptas.  I also pulled out the unit of Grotzooka Killa-Kanz in favour of a Big Trakk with a Supakannon.

My first game was against Casey and his Chaos Daemon/Khorne Daemonkin army.  My sheer number of vehicles gave him problems.  He managed to get rid of some of them, but not enough.  I wound up with a win on the first round.

Round two was against Chris who'd brought a Blackmanes list.  He had lots of minimum squads with the odd meltagun, but really didn't have enough points to go heavy on upgrades.  This was all backed up by Logan Grimnar and a block of Thunderwolves.  I set up, he dropped down and got some great card draws early on and that was more or less the game.  I managed to close the scoring gap by the end, but he still took it.  His high point was blowing up my Stompa with his Stormwolf after its fight with Logan Grimnar on his sleigh.  The more impressive bit is that it was Logan's wolves that did most of the work in terms of rending attacks, stripping 6 hull points from the Stompa with those.  My high point occurred the next turn when my close combat Deff Dread ran up an oil gantry, rolled boxcars on the charge distance and pulled the hovering Stormwolf out of the sky.  Coolest thing that model did the entire league.

Round three was kill points and I played against Larenia and her Tyranids.  We started off with a pint, then finished up the game.  I took an early lead and kept it up.  That was my second win of the day.

At the end of it, I went 2-1-0 and took Best Sportsman.  Now for the next league....

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Escalation League - Season 5 - Month 3 - 1500 points

This month saw the most significant change with my list to date.  The Lootas were shrunk from 15 models to 5 with three upgraded to Mekboyz.  The Big Mek's with Shokk Attack Gunz were dropped and replaced with Mek Boss Buzzgob and a Big Mek with a a Kustom Forcefield and Da Fixer Upperz.  The Killa-Kanz went from 3 Mobz of 2 to 3 Mobz of 3 with the third Mob being kitted out with Grotzookas.  I also added a Stompa with Grot Riggerz.

I played five games in the last month, which turned out to be a bit of a feat.  I was out of town for almost a week and ill off and on during the month.  I wound up cancelling on a game with Anthony, which was unfortunate.

My first game was against Adam and his Tyranids.  His list was pretty well rounded, which tends not to function well against a skew list like mine.  I took a victory there, though it was closer than I'd have liked.  This turned out to be a theme for a few of my games.

My second game was against Maeson and his Necrons.  It was a survivable list, which Necrons do well and would have shredded infantry.  I just didn't have much of that.  I almost tabled him, but almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  I couldn't close it out, so he took the victory.

My third game was against Eddie and his Blood Angels.  I took the victory, but definitely had to work hard in the last turn for it; in fact, I killed more of my own units than Eddie's that turn.  They're Orks though and 'Dey knew da risks when dey took da job."

My game against Larenia and her Tyranids was next.  As with Adam's list, significant portions of it struggled with vehicles.  I took a sound victory in that game.

The final game of the month was against Kyle and his Tau.  I honestly didn't know what to expect on this one.  I hadn't played Tau since 11th Company 2014 and they've had one Codex and two supplements since that time.  He brought a well balanced list without much in the way of heavy vehicle cracking and I wound up tabling him in Turn 7.

So, that was my month.  I went 4-1, which was my best month in the league.  In terms of the list, I really felt like closing out games was problematic.  I just didn't have the mobility to recover from a botched movement phase.  Despite my love for the weapons, the Grotzooka Killa-Kanz just didn't measure up in terms of points cost, tabletop performance or ease of use.  It's unfortunate, but part of life.  I'm not at the point where I want to pull the arms off in favour of missile launchers, but I can say that the Rokkit Launcha Kanz play faster and easier and are more effective and cheaper.  Finally, there was just too much in the Stompa (specifically the unit of Lootas) there was more repair than I needed by a long margin and I kept forgetting about the shooting from the two Deffgunz.  That gave me an idea of the changes to make for the tournament.

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Pair of Flash Gitz

I wanted a bit of a change of pace while I waited for my boarding shields, so I kitbashed a couple of Flash Gitz largely from some metal Nobz bitz I had laying about.  Nothing super-exotic with these guys.  I simply bolted on a couple of Big Shootas and did up a tabeltop paintjob.

Now, my boarding shields are here, so it's back to getting enough Imperial Fists together to put on the table.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Imperial Fists Chaplain

Well, my first Tactical Squad of Imperial Fists turned into a Chaplain when I decided to order a bunch of boarding shields for them.  Nothing super special about this model, just some highlights and washes on black and yellow.

I was hoping to find a left handed Bolt Pistol for the model instead of the Plasma Pistol, but no dice.  I guess when you get the big promotions, they come with guns that blow your hand off 16% of the time.  To that end, he got a Servo Skull to record the hand blowing up.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Iron Priest Complete

When I saw the new Iron Priest model, I immediately went hunting for a Space Wolves player.  Chris obliged me and picked the model up for me to paint.  It's now happily part of his collection.

I'm not going to delve too deeply into the techniques I used or anything like that, since there was nothing terribly ground breaking here.  It was a model I wanted to paint for fun (and it was fun), but since it was going into someone else's collection, I didn't want to muck things up, lose detail, etc.

The model goes together very well.  I suppose that's to be expected with CAD stuff these days, but I didn't even have to glue the torso to the legs.  It claimed right on there.  The Helfrost Hammer and Pistol were neat to to up.  I thought about trying some light OSL on the hammer, but decided against it based on the size of the piece.  I do wish there was some more swappability in the parts in the manner of the standard multi-part plastic kits, but the kit is also reasonably specific in terms of the iconography.

A fun model at any rate.  I've always found Techmarines and Chaplains particularly fun to paint and this model is no exception.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Escalation League Season 5 - Month 2 - 1000 Points

 So, this month, I went closer to the Ork list I've been working on.  I took two Big Mek's with Shokk Attack Guns, a full unit of Lootas, three Deff Dreads, three Mobz of two Killa-Kanz and a unit of Spanna Boyz in a Trukk.

I sort of resisted the temptation to do the list I worked up prior to the league.  It was heavy on tools and seemed to roll over everyone.  The reality is that I can have as much fun stomping round with the extra walkers, so I left the Burnas and Deff Koptas at home for this month.

Game wise, I hit some counters, but that's life with any sort of skew list.

Eddie brought a Dreadnought heavy Blood Angels list.  The results here were pretty predictable.  Flame throwers, meltaguns and initiative 4 or better Dreadnoughts are a hard counter to my list, pure and simple.  I managed to tie up the game on objectives, but had it gone to another turn, Eddie definitely would have had the win.

Against, Adam, we just slugged it out to a tie.  The Killa-Kanz and Lootas did some serious work, but it was really a turn by turn piece trade.

Chris brought a Wulfen backed Thundercav list which I managed to chew through.  I started the piece trade favourably and kept at it.  The rock on which his Thunderlord tripped over an died received an honourable mention here.

Against Colin, I played another Thundercav/Wulfen list, this one backed up by Wolfguard Terminators.  Colin got into my fire base early and this time, the piece trade went against me.  We also tried out the new Tactical Supremacy Objectives, so that was rather cool.

I finished the month at 1-1-2 which was interesting.  I think that's the first time I've had more draws than wins or losses in a month.   Next up is the longer month of April at 1500 points.  That'll also be the last month of the league.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Contemptor Dreadnoughts Completed

I decided to tackle these first from the Betrayal at Calth set since I wanted to work with yellow to try to find a workable recipe.  In this case, I decided to try one loosely based off of a tutorial from Mengel Miniatures I saw on Bell of Lost Souls.

I primed with Armory White Primer and was immediately dubious regarding the amount of texture and the size of the acrylic particles on the models.  To say that I should have stripped the bodies then and there is an understatement.  While this primer might work sufficiently for something like lawn furniture, but if you're priming models, I'd recommend dropping the extra money for a can of P3 primer.

From there, I used a base of Reaper Yellowed Ivory with Stained Ivory and Creamy Ivory as the shade and highlight respectively.  From there, I applied filters of watered down Reaper Brown Wash and Lamenters Yellow.  After that, I looked at the horrendous result and pitched the models into Simple Green.  That's when I got my second surprise regarding the Armory White Primer.

While the stuff goes on looking like a badger raspberried the models with Folk Art paint, it adheres to the plastic quite well.  I had to work repeatedly to get the stuff to let go and even then, didn't get all of it.  In the end, I had to settle for filing and sanding the stuff from some of the surfaces and trying not to obliterate detail.

That done, I brush primed the model with Tusk Ivory from the Reaper HD series.  I actually wound up thinning this down a little to reduce the amount of paint on the models.  That done, I used the same Ivory Triad set for my shade, midtone and highlight.  Wash wise, I kept the brown wash to the recessed areas.  I wanted the yellow to be a little less bright, so I broke out a bottle of the old Citadel Yellow Wash (the old hex pots have held up very well) and applied that to all of the surfaces I wanted to tint yellow.  After that, there was the standard touch up around the various metal parts and the like and I applied some sponge chipping from Typhus Corrosion and Reaper Blackened Steel for weathering.  That worked alright, but didn't really stand out on the black parts, so I went over the heavily weathered areas with Reaper Tarnished Steel to brighten them up.  That done, I used some Secret Weapon Exhaust Black powder for some of the heated vents, etc.

So, they're reasonably done.  I might redo the gold on the shoulders since I'm not sure I'm happy with it and I'm still debating whether to pick out the rivets with a metallic, but that's all pretty minor.  The models have been a learning experience, but I think I've got a workable recipe for yellow at this point.