Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reaper HD Paints

The Bolter Sisters I finished wound up being a bit of a push project.

The paint scheme wasn't complicated, well not anymore than I'd done before; but there are times when things are not going as you wish that you become discouraged.  This would be one of those times.  The minis were either miscast or badly recast.  The detail simply wasn't there.  The minis weren't turning out the way I wanted despite the work I was putting into them.  They became a chore to finish.  It's unfortunate, but it's how the pieces went.

I looked through my 'To Paint Box' for the next thing to paint and I settled on my Power Armour Grey Knights...........rather their backpacks.  I wanted to do something different and on the easy side.  I treated myself to a case of Reaper HD paints and wanted to try them out.  I wanted to do do something that wasn't time sensitive and I could play round with.

To that end, I decided on backpacks.  Specifically three kinds of backpacks.  My standard Grey Knights in Power Armour are going to have their backpacks magnetized.  That will allow me to change them out between the standard backpacks and the Teleport Packs of the Interceptor Squads.  My Grey Knights in Power Armour wielding Psycannons are going to be a mixed bag.  Three of them will be kitted out with the backpacks from Heavy Bolter Devastators.  I reasoned that the Grey Knights trusted with Psycannons would also be trusted with more bullets (or at least visit Marcus for more bullets).  To that end, my Psycannon equipped Grey Knights are getting the big backpacks.  Two of them though are getting the magnet treatment so they can be attached to Interceptor, Strike or Purgation squads.

Hmmm....rather got away from the HD Paints.....So, HD Paints!

So, from Reaper's page, the HD Paints basically do the following:

  • Excellent for laying down fast base-coats
  • New high-density pigments give increased coverage with smooth consistency
  • The same great flow properties as MSP Core Colors
  • 38 unique colors expand the range of the MSP Core Colors triad system
  • Sold in 1/2 oz dropper bottles
  • 36 colors and two bonus colors also offered in two sets of 19 colors each
  • Dries matte
  • 100% compatible with the MSP Core Colors range
  • Airbrush-friendly
  • Non-Toxic, Water Soluble
 Realistically, the second point is the most important to me, though I can safely say at this point that the HD Paints perform as advertised.  The paints cover well, even when thinned and dry to a nice, matte finish.  I'm rather a fan of them.

Colour section is pretty standard for Reaper and by that, I mean that there's lots of it and it's arranged toward the colours working together both with each other and the Master Series..  There are 36 colours total and they seem to cover a pretty broad range.  Currently, you can buy the paints separately or in sets.  I decided to treat myself to a set (19 Colour Set #2 to be exact).  One thing to note is that none of the HD series appear to be metallics, so that would seem to be the domain of Citadel Base paints for the time being.

The set came in a nice case, which was a bonus.  Realistically, it's worth the $50 CAD price just for the paints.  Each set comes with a 'bonus colour' from the other set as well.

The only downside I've seen to the paints is that, they simply must be shaken well to mix.  By well, I mean for 30-60 seconds.  This is an increase from the Reaper Master Series which often just require a quick shake as you pull them from your paint bag.  They do not however, seem as susceptible to separating and thinning oddly as the Citadel Base Colours do.

Packaging-wise, the HD Paints are flat out better than the Citadel Colours.  I can honestly say that even for the folks that prefer to work from a pot over a dropper bottle for the simple reason that dropper bottles seal better.  I picked up some of the new Citadel Paints on release (the ones in the new pots with the plastic zip tab on them) and I've had to rehydrate them twice already.  You also get .5 ounces of paints with Reaper vs. .4 ounces with Citadel.  I'd not be that annoyed about it if Citadel was cheaper, but they're not.  Unsuprisingly, Citadel Paints are $0.50 more expensive where I live.

I've been quite happy with Reaper's paint offering in the past and this product is no exception.  I'm excited about them too in that I've wanted to try them for a long time; I just wanted to get through my original Citadel Foundations before I got a new batch.  I'm not sure these will be perfect for everyone, but they're great for me.  I'm quite happy with my purchase.

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