Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Grey Knight Codex - Formation & Detachment

The Codex includes one Formation and one Detachment.

The Grey Knights Brotherhood Formation grants the Warlord a re-roll of his Warlord trait if it's being taken from the Grey Knights Warlord Trait Table.  That seems to be a pretty standard ability, which is understandable.  People's main gripe with Warlord Traits tends to be getting one that they can't use.  Allowing a re-roll minimizes the chances of that happening.  A caution to players though, the re-roll only works if you remember to do it.  Pro tip there.

The Formation also grants Rites of Teleportation which allows units placed in reserve to start Deep Striking in on Turn 1.  Further, the units are allowed to run and shoot or shoot and run the turn they arrive.  It's an ability that I'm a big fan of and, I think, is probably the first serious competition for Objective Secured.

Finally, the Formation grants Psychic Brotherhood which allows psychic powers to be manifested on a 3+ rather than a 4+.  Again, a very handy ability for an army with access to a lot of psychic powers.

The Formation itself contains a Grand Master, Brother Captain, Brotherhood Champion, 3 Strikes, 3 Terminator Squads, 2 Interceptors, 2 Purgation Squads, a Dreadnought and a Dreadknight.  It's a very White Dwarf feeling list.  Infantry heavy with Deep Striking should work, but I've a hunch the Dreadnought and Dreadknight are going to be magnets for ranged fire.  Coming in at over 2000 points without any upgrades, it's certainly a full army, especially when you consider that you'll probably want to pair it with another Detachment to add some support elements.

The Formation is a bit neat, but I'm not really it sold for two main reasons; both related.  First off, the Grey Knights Brotherhood disposition doesn't actually match any of the Brotherhoods listed in the Codex (which I thought was a really cool touch).  Second, if it's not going to match any of the printed Brotherhoods anyway, why bother with such static options?  Shrink it down a bit and allow some variation.  Even better, gear that variation to the 8 different Brotherhoods and provide a unique Formation Special Rule depending on what you bring along.

Now, the Nemesis Strike Force Detachment is the one I'm looking forward to using.  Compulsory slots are 1 HQ and 1 Troop with 1 HQ, 3 Troops, 4 Elites, 2 Fast Attack, 2 Heavy Support, a Lord of War and a Formation being optional.  The Deatchment has Rites of Teleportation and Brotherhood Commander (re-roll Grey Knight Warlord Traits).

So, I like the early reserves for Deep Strikers since it's definitely a match for how I'd like to play the army.  The single required Troop Choice is a bonus as well since I'm less a fan of taking more than a single Strike Squad now that they've gone up in price and if I'm taking Terminators as my Troops, well, they're still expensive enough that I may not want to fit more than a single unit into the list.  The good news is that with the lack of Objective Secured, the pressure is off for taking multiple Troop choices.  The only thing that really makes me scratch my head is that the Detachment includes a Fortification slot.  My best guess is that the slot is there for folks that want to include a Comms Relay or something, it just seems out of place to me in a teleporting army.

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