Thursday, July 14, 2016

Escalation League - Season 5 - Tournament

I made it into the tourney again this year, which was nice.  I made some minor tweaks to my 1500 point list to include a unit of 3 Deff Koptas.  I wound up dropping the Loota/Mekboy unit that was riding in the Stompa.  Turns out, they may have been useful one game, but not as useful as the Deff Koptas.  I also pulled out the unit of Grotzooka Killa-Kanz in favour of a Big Trakk with a Supakannon.

My first game was against Casey and his Chaos Daemon/Khorne Daemonkin army.  My sheer number of vehicles gave him problems.  He managed to get rid of some of them, but not enough.  I wound up with a win on the first round.

Round two was against Chris who'd brought a Blackmanes list.  He had lots of minimum squads with the odd meltagun, but really didn't have enough points to go heavy on upgrades.  This was all backed up by Logan Grimnar and a block of Thunderwolves.  I set up, he dropped down and got some great card draws early on and that was more or less the game.  I managed to close the scoring gap by the end, but he still took it.  His high point was blowing up my Stompa with his Stormwolf after its fight with Logan Grimnar on his sleigh.  The more impressive bit is that it was Logan's wolves that did most of the work in terms of rending attacks, stripping 6 hull points from the Stompa with those.  My high point occurred the next turn when my close combat Deff Dread ran up an oil gantry, rolled boxcars on the charge distance and pulled the hovering Stormwolf out of the sky.  Coolest thing that model did the entire league.

Round three was kill points and I played against Larenia and her Tyranids.  We started off with a pint, then finished up the game.  I took an early lead and kept it up.  That was my second win of the day.

At the end of it, I went 2-1-0 and took Best Sportsman.  Now for the next league....

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