Friday, October 21, 2016

Knight Titan Completed

This falls into the category of a model I should have taken some WIP pictures of.  As it turns out, I really didn't largely because of the timeline involved.  I picked up the kit about six months after it came out, and began to build and paint quickly.  It's a great kit for that sort of thing given its construction of armour plates bolted onto an exoskeleton.  I was going along fine until I realized that I wanted hazard stripes on the top carapace. 

I'd had little experience doing anything but solid colours and dry brushing on large (Rhino sized) surfaces, so I boxed the model up with the intent of learning more before I finished the model.  My friend Miro offered to take care of the carapace a couple of months later, so I posted that off and didn't think much aside from that.

That changed when Knight Renegade was released and Eddie and I split on a box of that.  I got the new Warden kit and scenery, he got the Paladin kit.  That box waited for a bit, but eventually I cracked it out for the Avenger Gatling Cannon, carapace and carapace weapons.  I painted up the extra arm and Stormspear Missile Launcher, then worked on the carapace with rattle cans.  It worked out reasonably well.

I've left the pauldrons dry fitted so that they can be removed easily to swap the arms.  The Stormspear Missile Launcher is likewise dry fitted.  It's loose at the moment though, so I'm debating cutting the post off and switching to magnets for it.  I've currently got the Avenger Gatling Cannon, Thermal Cannon and Reaper Chainsword finished in terms of arms.  It's a reasonably versatile start for an array of Knight Titans and options.

This is also my first crack at working with transfers (after several failed attempts previously).  Microsol and Microset are simply fantastic products to work with. 

I've also added some weathering in the form of sponge chipping in vulnerable areas with Typhus Corrosion and Reaper Blackened Steel as well as some soot and heat effects to the various vents, pipes and gun barrels.

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