Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Comic Readers 40K Escalation League - End of Month 1

I had a pretty significant change from month one to month two.  That being that I completely changed armies.  While I'm still working on my Imperial Fists, I came to the conclusion while on a trip to Ottawa that I realized I was short time to paint my list for Month 2.

For the second month, my original plan was to move to a Combined Arms Detachment consisting of a Conversion Beamer Techmarine, a Lascannon Tactical Squad, a second Tactical Squad with melta in a Drop Pod, three Grav Cannon/Grav Amp Centurion Devastators, a Fast Attack Drop Pod for them to ride in and a Siege Claw/Siege Drill Leviathan Dreadnought in a Lucius Pattern Drop Pod.

The issue with this list was that at the time, I had the Techmarine and Tactical Squad painted and still had to turn around 3 Centurions, 3 Drop Pods, a Lucius Pattern Drop Pod and a Leviathan Dreadnought in two weeks.  With my current commitments, it simply wasn't going to happen.

The bright side was that I'd only played one league game to that date.  I wanted to have a chance to make the tournament in May and I didn't want to rush my Imperial Fists.  To that end, I decided to move to an army that didn't require any painting from me.  That meant Sisters, Inquisition (which I was toying with initially and would have gotten me out of this mess), Orks or Grey Knights.

In the end, I decided on Grey Knights since I could field a variety of builds and don't 'have' to paint anything.  It has been some time since I put them on the table, but I remember them reasonably well which means I can get games done quickly.  It didn't hurt that a new Grey Knight model was coming in March that may be worth painting.

So, I put together a list consisting of a Level 2 Librarian, a Terminator Squad with a Nemesis Daemonhammer and a Psycannon and a Dreadknight with a Nemesis Daemonhammer and a Heavy Incinerator.

I wound up getting three games in and went 3-1 for the month (I won my Imperial Fists game too, but points are reset when you change factions, so that one is gone).  Good, quick games all.  My last game against Larenia and her Tyranids was probably the most entertaining with janky reserve rolls and odd things happening.  It came down to a melee between the last two models (Larenia's Hive Crone and my Dreadknight on his last wound) in Turn 7.  In the end, the Hive Crone couldn't shift my Dreadknight and I took the game, barely.

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