Friday, May 19, 2017

Warhound Titan Commission

So, I took time off of my stuff to do something really big.

Adam bought himself a Mars Pattern Warhound Titan and I got to paint it.  You know, I thought there's be more to the blog entry than that, but that's really about it.  Let's go to some pics.

Not a big shocker here, but I started with the legs.  I probably could have started with the plates, but I wanted to see how this particular resin would react to cutting, pinning and the like.  I was also pretty concerned about the overall weight that the legs would be supporting.  I may have been over cautious, but I tried to put them as square as possible and pinned them with large paperclips after realizing that my original idea of using screw nails wasn't feasible.  Like I said, I may have been over cautious.

All in all, I found the legs to be basically hell to put together.  All of the pistons being cut to fit makes great sense for pose-ability, but it's a lot of work.  I felt like every time I tired to put another piece on, there were another five pistons to fit, cut and glue.

After a couple of false starts on the plates, I got them attached to the legs and crotch.

Weapons were next.  The blastgun was my first experiment with the glow effect on the plasma coils and also my first attempt at using washes in the airbrush.  I think learning experience is a pretty safe description.  The weapon looks good at 3' which is what you want for table top, but it's probably the part of the model with which I'm least happy.  I also had to grind out the vents on the barrel and these do look a little rough.

The carapace/hull mostly complete.  Given the importance of this section structurally, I did put it together with screw nails.  That's after Adam indicated the interior detail wasn't important to him, so the carapace is not removable.

The model assembled before the final application of sponge chipping for weathering and weathering pigments for certain areas.

All round pictures of the final assembly.

The most important thing though is 'How did Adam like it?'  Well.....

I can't be sure, but I think he digs it.

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