Friday, January 5, 2018

Redemptor Dreadnought Completed

Yep, it's a big one.  This is one of the models that I initially disliked when I saw it.  It grew on me as I saw more paint jobs and I realized that it could fill some holes in my Imperial Fists army.  So, I picked one up with the intention of doing a paint job similar to my Vindicator.

I wanted the base chassis to be yellow with the additional armour plates being black for contrast.  It worked reasonably well on my Vindicator, so I was primed to try it here.

Unfortunately, it didn't work as well on the Redemptor.  With the Vindicator, the lines of demarcation were quite clear, a good portion of it is more hidden on the Redemptor.  The reason makes sense when you look at the fluff too.  Basically a standard sarcophagus plugs into whatever chassis is needed at the time.  By that measure, literally the only yellow 'should' have been the sarcophagus.  At any rate, I weathered it up and it's fine for table top, but I think I may try another in the future with more of a standard yellow Imperial Fists paint scheme.

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