Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Painting Update - Orks

With my Orks, the painting has focused on walkers since I had some initial ideas around fielding 12-15 walkers (specially Deff Dreads and Killarney-Kanz) which wound up not happening.

I started with two metal Deff Dreads that I got from Owen.  One, I did up for straight melee, the second was magnetized for the shooty weapon options.

Next up, I got a plastic Deff Dread from Larenia.  Nice kit all round.  This one, I decided to drybrush up from black.  I bit different from my standard paint scheme which comes up from Reaper Rust Brown (which I’ve run out of).  I’m pleased with the results.


The final walker was my Gorkanaut.  This had a great amount of shooting and melee output and it fit exactly into the points gap in my Stompa list.  I used a variation on Kenny Boucher’s 5 Easy Tricks for Weathering Metallic Surfaces and basically went to town.  I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

The final models I worked on were a trio of Warbikers which I'd also gotten from Owen.  Pretty standard Ork stuff on these save that I decided to play round with some reds.

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